Sunday, December 11, 2011



A number of you have written... wanting to see some of the "bead haul" I purchased a couple weeks back.
If you remember, I  had simply wanted to purchase the cabinet... which sells on-line for about $800.
It had been on my visualization board for quite awhile... and I guess the Universe wanted me to be able to get it.

Anyway... so I had the exact amount of money the person was asking for... and I went and bought the cabinet.
Unbeknownst to me... the seller was also giving me all the contents as well.
So.. for the past couple of weeks ... I have been sorting thru it a little at a time.. and listing alot of it on Etsy.

I still have several tray's worth to sort... so I am still working on it. 

And... I decided to go thru my stash as well... and re-organize it while I was at it.
It has been a ton of fun to see what all is there... and in the process... I am making a few things :)