Friday, December 30, 2011


I have always loved stones. 
I often tell the story of when I was 4yrs old... and the main gift I got for my birthday was a small red wheel barrow. Now. It was partly because I helped my dad in the yard... picking up rocks so they wouldn't get tossed around by the lawn mower... and partly because I used to gather all these rocks... and take them to a place under a pine tree where I kept my "hoard." (after all... it wasn't all about child labor... he he).

Years later... I was totally enamored with some lapidary work a friend was doing... and I bought a rock tumbler... and did some work in a school art class, setting stones.

And of course... I've made jewelry since 1995... But my passion for rocks has never waned. 
One of the joys of making jewelry for me... is that I get to play with all these wonderful stones... look up their metaphysical properties... and offer them for others to enjoy.

And so.. one of the new "lines" I am listing in my Etsy store... is a series of simple gemstone and glass charms.
You can wear them on chains... add them to bracelets.... or simply carry them in your pocket.
How charming! (Ok... I had to say it... )... above are some examples.