Friday, January 27, 2012


It's been a rough week, and I can honestly say that I am glad it has come to a close.
 I am looking forward to the weekend... and plan on getting lots of sleep.
This past week.... I have had 3 friends/ contacts pass away...  BAJ was out of town all week... had computer problems...
the oven quit working.... you know the drill.
Seemed like things were conspiring against me.
And last night... I had a near catastrophe where I almost lost all the photos on my blog.
 Fortunately... I was able to fix things.... it just took awhile.

On the plus side... the moon is quite stunning out there... my lovely Sabrina is happy to nap with me... and I was able to fix the toilet when it decided to combust.
I hope this note finds you all well ... and happy... and warm.

About the photo for today: This is a bouquet of sunflowers in my living room. I have never been horribly fond of the color yellow... but I am trying to warm up to it... and these lovely flowers are a good place to start.
I wanted to do a photo for this week's theme in the 52 weeks FlickR group I am in... and the theme is "details".... so I thought taking a photo of one of the sunflowers just might do the trick.