Sunday, February 5, 2012


Today was spent wandering around Chico, CA a bit.
We got up (sorta) early... and went to the local Farmer's Market there. Much bigger than the one I've gone too in ABQ... but still managable to see in a morning without rushing at all.  We enjoyed fresh coffee... samples of bread... olives... salsas... Naan bread with all kinds of spreads. We saw tons of fresh veggies... handmade stuff... rocks and crystals... AND enjoyed lots of live music.

Later... we got all our friend's stuff packed into the Jeep... and visited with some friends/ family of hers that live in the area. Supper was a wonderful selection from a local restaurant.

We also went shipping in a local thrift store... and got some really cool stuff :)

All in all.... a very relaxing day.