Monday, February 6, 2012


 Last night we were able to stay at the Metro Hotel in Pataluma, CA... long story short... they normally do not accept pets... but we got lucky. The hotel is fabulous... and I will probably do a post on it separately; another time.

From there... we wandered a bit around Petaluma. We saw the Mystic Theatre... where they did some of the shooting for the movie "American Graffiti".... we saw tons of fabulous shops (more on that later).... and we ate at probably the best Indian Fusion restaurant ever... Avatars.

From there... we drove south thru a small portion of San Francisco.... and were fortunate enough to see the Golden Gate... parts of the city... and Alcatraz in the distance.
We were "sorta" rushing... to meet some family in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Which is where we strolled on the beach... waded in the ocean...
and had some fabulous seafood at a  local pub.

Truly an excellent day.