Saturday, February 11, 2012


It's amazing how even a short trip can change your perspective.

Whenever I come home from somewhere... it seems like my house is cozier... cleaner... cooler than I thought it was when I left. And I feel fresher... clearer... more optimistic than when I left.
Situations haven't changed... but my optimism about it has.

And so... I am continuing in the path of clearing out my house... organizing my stuff... making art... and more.
Today I decided it was in my best interests to leave FlickR... my Amazon selling store... and a few other groups. And I will be concentrating more on selling my art and photography. To that end... I am hoping to open up a site to sell my photography... and I hope you all will check it out when it is up and running.

I will be listing alot of stuff (in the near future)... on Ebay... to clean out a bit...
And I will be continuing to list cool vintage items, supplies, and handmade treasures in my Etsy store.
Here's to an art filled 2012!