Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today has been sort of a mess. I've been trying to solve issues with blogger/ GoogleChrome/ gmail...
Apparently, I had to buy more storage space for the photos on my blog.
To do that... I had to purchase via credit card.. and wait for it to be accepted. That took over 24hrs.

Then... Blogger said I had to load GoogleChrome in order to see my blog features as they normally are... because some of them are older... and some of my features were dated. So I did that. 
Apparently... this is a whole new browser system... and it was very confusing to me (I am used to MSN).

Anyway. I could log onto my blog... but I couldn't post. Why>>>oh why>>>

Well... turns out GoogleChrome goes hand in hand with Gmail for account access. So I had to open a Gmail account in order to access my blog and post to it. I guess I can only access my blog now thru Gmail passwords and such.
So now I have 2 emails... and 2 browsers.... and some confusion.

Eash. It's been a day.... or two.... or three.

But it's good to have my blog back :)