Monday, March 5, 2012


Well.... seems like I am in (another) Lupus Flare.... eash.
Which means... I need to rest as much as possible... and try to take care of myself. 

And so this afternoon I watched a movie... BIG FISH
... and tonight I made some steak... to go with a variety or potatoes (red, blue, and fingerling) that my daughter cooked up... and some raw spinach, peppers, and tomatoes for salads.

Last night I went to Barnes and Noble... and I found a couple books to read this week.


The photo for today's post, is one I took at the Pescadero Point Lighthouse in California.
There were a bunch of little birds hanging out on the weathered fence... 
and I was able to get a couple photos of this one.
Like me this week... he is simply taking a breather...