Wednesday, March 7, 2012


... a subject I am quite familiar with.

It's an interesting thing.
I believe that pain is a very important tool in life... one we can choose to learn from; if we desire.
Now, that is not to say that this is something we have to tolerate unnecessarily. If you have the means to stop some of the suffering... by way of herbs... tea... heat... medications... whatever... why not? 
Learn from the pain... and move on. Don't be a martyr and suffer if you don't need to.

Having had cancer (more than once)... I believe that pain should be minimized when possible. Too many people are reluctant to take medications (morphine for example)... because they are afraid of addiction.
From my experience as a nurse ... I KNOW that the pain eats up the drugs almost as quickly as you take them... and unless you are taking meds without having pain to eat them up (so to speak)... this is something you probably won't ever have to worry about. There are, of course, exceptions... Some people are just prone (genetically or otherwise) to addictive behavior.

--but I digress.
Today the wind was whipping thru our neighborhood... and (being sick at the moment)...
 it reminded me of how we handle pain... discomfort... trials and tribulations. 
And so today... I encourage you ... to bend with the wind...