Monday, March 12, 2012


Hard to believe that only a couple nights ago... it was snowing.
Today... it was in the mid 60's .. and sunny.

And so... in my 20 minute spurt of energy...
I decided I should cut down a tree in my backyard.
Normally... I really hate to cut down trees. 
...Especially here in the southwest, where it's hard to grow them.

This one had been struck my lightening several times... and was mostly dead... 
save for a couple hardy twigs that bore leaves last summer.

I put my daddy's BIG ol' cowboy boots on... grabbed the saw... 
and down she came.
I left a goodly portion of her trunk... and I hope to build a couple birdhouses
or feeders... and post them there.

Fortunately... I have some "elves" here around the house to cut and stacked most of her before the sun went down...