Sunday, March 25, 2012


This weekend... we drove up to Taos.

I know nothing about sheep... but this is what I learned.
Patricia Quintana is an amazing woman. She owns and operates Rancho La Fina, which is a fabulous ranch just outside of Taos.
She is a powerhouse... and one of the unique breeds she is raising; are the Navajo Churro Sheep.
A rare breed... there are only about 6,000 of these sheep registered in the world... most of which are in the USA
... although a few are in Mexico and Canada.
They are beautiful... and their fiber is highly sought after by weavers and artisans. 

This is the "baby" season on the ranch... and she has helped bring over 18 young-uns into the world recently.
They were hopping and skipping... and enjoying the spring air when we drove up....
and to be able to photograph them was a delight.

Along the way ... there was a scrumptious salad, brie and raisin toast...
some excellent wine and wonderful music. (and let's not forget the cigars).
 Thank you Patricia from the bottom of my heart.

((She also has a few horses, dogs, several cashmere goats, a Llama, and a feisty old goose named Sheila)).