Friday, March 30, 2012


I do not like to take medications of any sort. 
In fact, I have "non-compliant" written all over my medical chart for refusing different therapies over the years.
Chemo.... steroids... all kinds of stuff.
However, when it came to going to the dentist this week... I was a jiggly bag of goo.

A couple plum martinis and a valium pill ... before my appt... and several shots of Novocaine during my appt...
however, helped me find a happy place during all that drilling and such.
I am very appreciative to my dentist for understanding my fears and working with me.

Now... I have several days of healing ahead of me. 
I was (again) very reluctant to take anything... but after hours of being in pain...
I finally succumbed to taking some of the hydrocodone pills he prescribed. 
And again.... I am grateful.

So... lesson in all this?
Why suffer un-necessarily.
I am not one to take things without reason... and I'm not about to start abusing anything
... but if I need it... I need it.

And in other news... I took a short walk today.
The sun was shining... and a neighbor of mine has this gorgeous peach tree that has simply burst into blooms...
and so I decided to take a few photos.
I hope you like this one.