Sunday, April 29, 2012


This month has absolutely FLOWN by.
And curiously... it has all been about healing and health.

I have been sick all month... first with allergies.... LUPUS... bronchitis... 
then I completely thrashed my back... 
and then my dear Sabrina got sick... the worst of it being last night.
 I was afraid.
((I realize she is an "old girl".. he he ... so am I... but still.
Anyway... she has an appt Tuesday for her annual physical... and she is much better today))

And so, I think this is a time to sit back and concentrate on getting healthy. 
To ... rededicating myself  (as it were)... to trying to eat healthy, 
and make it a priority to do my meditation each and every day.
 I started doing it in '97 after a major bout with cancer... 
and it has been one of the more solid influences in my life.

And in other news... the garden in the front yard is bursting forth with small buds of green...
and today I picked our 2nd strawberry of the season :)