Thursday, May 3, 2012


I'm backing away
ever so slightly into
the shadows of me

((it's time to take a break. I find that lately I've been overly sucked into the likes of Facebook and such... losing SO much time and energy to things that do not bolster me...  And it is effecting me in a negative way.
I find that I am more vulnerable, more sensitive... 
I find that I have an overwhelming urge to be a hermit. To run away from it all. To hide out and never talk to anyone again... never trust anyone again. Just run into the woods and live free. Be a wild child.
Realistically... I know that I would want human contact at some point. So I am taking a breather of sorts. Relaxing. Reflecting. Going back to what is truly important to me. 
I need to get back to my art. I need to MAKE time to do it.
I need to understand that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of it... 
or me... or anything.
It's all so temporary anyway.
Life is short.... Eat pancakes))

** I will still be posting on my blog every day**
but the rest if it is taking a vacation for now.