Saturday, May 5, 2012


barefoot in the woods
listening to the birds sing
is my kind of church

(( it's been a rough week, and just when I was thankful for the weekend... and thinking it was over... more hit. 
I will survive. We will survive. 

I've been going thru my photos... deleting some of the more crappy ones... and I've deleted around 15,000 digital files so far. The good news... is I am discovering alot of cool photos. The more "bad" news... is that I am also going thru alot of memories associated with things that have happened in the past several years as well. It's been alot.
I think we all have our trials we go thru... and we choose to let it make us stronger; or not. 
How we choose to let it effect us.. and how we choose to react... well... that's up to us.
--- I have faith in all of us. ))