Thursday, June 14, 2012


summer enfolded
in petals of glowing white
beauty in a jar


so. It's hot. 
It's been 88 degrees or higher all month... and next week hints at even higher.
I've been watering my garden twice a day... and it still looks a bit sad at times.
On the plus side... I think the only thing that may not survive are the soybeans, 
and the sunflower stalks are almost as tall as I am in spots!

Today I got the results of my skin biopsy... and it's positive.
Which means I am now waiting on the doctor to give me recommendations on a skin care specialist/ oncologist for a follow-up and probably more slice and dice.
And life goes on.
People ask me if I'm worried... and I'm not. 
Perhaps I should be... but I don't want to put that energy out there.
I've had too many health problems (and cancer many times before)... and I think this is just an opportunity for me to rest, concentrate on eating healthy... and do more art... which is what I love to do.

The photo for today's post is of some peony flowers. 
Growing up; we had several bushes of the pink/ scarlet variety around our house.
I find that I am partial to the very pale pink... and the white ones though... and so... 
here they are :)