Friday, June 29, 2012


found my perfect place
found the love of this lifetime
~~ dreams can now commence ~~

Today started with a fabulous coffee at Seattle Coffee Works.
Then it was off to Pike Place Market... where we spent the day wandering about and enjoying EVERYTHING... 
From flying fish... to fresh fruit... to an incredible meal at the Steelhead Diner.... where we had the BEST salmon and Reisling wine. 
We saw the first Starbucks' cafe, tons of gorgeous flowers, talked with a guy from Canada (hi Dennis!). 
Then we went down to the waterfront, where we were just in time to witness the Inaugural "flight" of the new Ferris Wheel... complete with marching band!

Before heading back to our hotel, we made one more stop for some fabulous coffee...  a take-out dinner of Indian food (samosas and more)
 ... and fresh raspberries for dessert.