Sunday, July 1, 2012


toes in cool water
releasing life's trials and tears
--- resting by the bay

I think the word for this whole trip... especially today.... has been synchronicity. 
Things have just fallen in to place. 

We (I) slept in late this am... so we decided to do an early lunch. We picked a place at random... and we ended up eating at Seattle Fish Company. Coincidentally, we picked up a local paper at the door... and who was the featured restaurant? You guessed it. I had a cup of chowder, some crab cakes and a salad. It was awesome.
From there... we went to a local coffee shop called The Red Cup... sat down to look at a magazine... and guess what coffee shop was listed as one of Seattle's Best? You guessed right.

So... Then we decided to go to Alki Beach. We were told that it had an awesome view of the city... and it surely did. We didn't even mind that it was raining. On a whim... we decided to take that road all the way around the bay... as we had been told there was a more secluded beach area. Because we took this road... we ended up passing a lighthouse!!! Which, you all know... I have a thing for. We stopped. They only give tours on Saturdays if enough people show (how awesome!) and because we arrived at the same time a couple from Japan did, and a couple from England did... we got a tour.

BAJ had decided he wanted to go on the Underground Tour... so we went to Pioneer Square to get our tickets for the evening tour. We arrived a little early, so we had time to go eat dinner somewhere. We randomly picked The Merchants Cafe... and by strange coincidence, our waitress was also the owner (Hi Darcy!)... so we got to learn alot about the place. *like, it's the oldest restaurant in Seattle* and *it's haunted* and used to be a bank during the Gold Rush... and so on.

From there, we went on the Underground Tour.. which was very fun (thanks Jerry and Miles!) ... and steeped in local history.

And now, time for rest.... whew!