Monday, July 2, 2012


you cannot predict
what will be around corners
until you take a step


The day started off innocently enough. We decided to pick a restaurant at random... and looked up a list of diners in the area... and went with Beth's Cafe. It is a quirky place... sort of a dive aspect to it... but the food portions are HUGE and everything is delicious. And although we had to wait about half an hour to get in (it's really busy ... all the time)... it was worth it.

From there... we did sort of a driving tour around a little bit of the Queen Anne district; before heading back downtown. We walked through Pioneer Square again (it's really cool)... and then on to the International District
We stopped at a couple small shops ... including a traditional Tea Shop... and the Waterfall Garden Park... which was gorgeous... 

... but then we happened to stroll by the Smith Tower... which was offering tours from the Observation Deck on the 35th Floor. Yes, you read that right. Now. I am not horribly fond of heights. I have come a long way from being a petrified kid... but I still don't voluntarily go that high up... usually. I felt; however, that if I didn't go... I would regret it... and so we went.
WOW. I can't say enough. In fact, the words completely elude me. And so I will say... if you get a chance to go... GO. 
I took a bunch of photos while up there... and hope to print them all off and make an "old-school" panoramic view of the city.

From there on.. it was dinner and a movie... and (hopefully) a good night's rest.

((The photo at the top of this post.. is of the Seattle Space Needle... which celebrates it's 50th Anniversary this year
... as seen from the 35th floor of the Smith Tower))