Saturday, July 7, 2012


My friends' moving day!
box after box... up and down...
oh, the treasures found


Today we helped a friend pack up some of her stuff. 
She is moving into a wonderful new space, and I am very excited for her. 
Course, along with that... is the sheer magnitude of moving a couple decades worth of stuff.
 Box after box... room upon room... we helped gather up portions of her life into cardboard boxes. 
It's a strange sensation.

But, I am a weirdo. I actually love cleaning and organizing stuff for people.
I think it's because at the end of the day; I can truly see what I have done.
Anyway... hopefully we helped her a bit... and the move this weekend goes well.

It made me think about when the time comes for us to move.
What will we choose to keep... what will we give away... what can we live without?
I've been trying to downsize our "stuff" for a couple years now... and I now have a renewed enthusiasm for getting rid of more...