Friday, July 27, 2012


release and let go
or be surgically cut
from this existence


So. I went in yesterday for what I thought was a consult... and discovered I was scheduled for surgery.
Fortunately, I hadn't eaten... so everything was "good to go."
A few hours later, and I was on my way home. 
Turns out, I had 2 tumors in my leg... one Squamous cell carcinoma, and one basal cell carcinoma. 
Both were removed, and now I have a pretty grouping of stitches and a dent in my calf... but no more cancer. 
It reminded me of so many things... but most recently, the loss of a friendship.
How... although it's hard... some things need to leave our lives... (even if they need to be physically cut)...
in order for us to be healthy... and move on.
And so it goes...