Saturday, August 18, 2012



I am thinking a lot of PA lately.
I am sure it's because I haven't made a trip in a couple years... and because today is my mother's 80th birthday
(Happy Birthday MOM).
We are tentatively planning on a trip back east in the next month or so... and doing a bit of traveling.
And while the idea is very exciting... I find that the past few days I have just been exhausted.
Deep down tired... to my core. Body aches... headaches... just blah.
Not sure if it is a Lupus flare (again)... or just the heat getting to me...
but I feel like I sorta need "put out to pasture"... (hence the photo). 
Haven't heard from my son in a week... but I am hoping no news is good news...
and everyone else seems to be doing alright.
And so... I will take this opportunity (it's the weekend after all)...
to just laze about and do a whole lot of 'nuthin'.
.Take it easy folks.