Thursday, September 13, 2012


red candy apples,
the smell of cotton candy
rides on the wild side


I love the fair.
As a kid... I went a couple of times to a local county fair... which was really small.
Fun... awesome... but small.
After BAJ and I married... we ventured into State Fair territory (so to speak)... 
in Nebraska, Ohio, and now in New Mexico for the past several years. 
It still makes me feel like an 8 yr old. 
I love all the food... the bright colors... the games... 
just looking at all the crafts and critters and such... gets me all giddy with excitement. 
I don't care much for riding the rides... but I sure love to watch them
... and to photograph everything.

Officially, the State Fair started yesterday here in Albuquerque.
I am not sure if we will get to go this year or not... but we'll see :)