Monday, February 25, 2013


We've all been there. Driving along along.. when >>>BLAM<<< there goes your tire.
These past couple of months, we have spent $1100 on new tires... for 3 different vehicles (mine, BAJs, and the son's)
... and it got me to thinking about tires.
Yes... they are very expensive... and, very necessary.
But what can we do with them once they can no longer be used on our vehicles?

I remember growing up in PA... we had a local junk yard full of them that were essentially used for "target practice"...
And of course... most every house had a "tire swing"... or some such... 
and then there were raised beds like these...

or these

 They can be ground up and used as flooring... and used in parks to break your fall off the slide...

But here are some sculptures!

and furniture!

And even accessories...

to learn more:
read more about recycling tires