Friday, March 29, 2013

friday's finds

I read... alot.
I love the written word.

I have decided to feature some of the blogs I read on friday's... hence the title... Friday's Finds.
I have about 250 blogs currently on my reading list... and I'm going to be sharing those links over the course of this year... on Friday's.
(plus any more I come across).
If you have a blog.... or have a favorite blog that you want me to feature... just shoot me an email (


Even as a young child; I remember my grandmother extolling the virtues of
a great Yeats, Katharine Tynan, or Austin Clarke (all Irish poets) poem.

I have always loved poetry... and am just now getting "old enough and brave enough"
to write my own (albeit humble) Haiku.

And so... today's finds are all about poetry... are some general sites:

The Poetry (website)
50 Poetry Blogs
Top 100 Poetry Blogs
Poetry Soup (all things Poetry related)
Poets Who Blog (a massive list of poetry blogs)


the photo is one I took the other morning.... listening to the "poetry" of the sunrise birdsong.