Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring has definitely sprung into bloom here in ABQ... and most everything is trying to sprout.
Unfortunately... with that comes the usual March winds... and alas, I have been struck with some pretty bad allergies ...
which is trying to become bronchitis.
It's hard when you SO want to be doing things.. and just can't.
That said... we have had a pretty productive week here at MoonGipsies.

We've gotten some new supplies for the shop... wonderful stones and wire... and some old books to upcycle... and we've also gotten a fabulous new table saw... so we can now do some work with the stash of old fence boards, barn boards, and wood sticks from PA.
 It's wonderful when plans come together.... and I feel very fortunate..
and a huge sense of gratitude for what promises to be some great new projects.

And so begins a new week... new projects...  a new season...
Hope you are all doing well.