Saturday, March 16, 2013

The chimes on my front patio are making a crazy tune.
The wind is blowing... and I wish it would rain. My allergies are killing me.
Such is life... especially at springtime... 

But I am grateful. 
Today I was able to (finally) clear off the debris from my front patio... 
and I dragged all the plants from inside the house... and re-potted them with fresh soil and such.
I also cleaned out a bunch of old pots --- and am getting ready to plant some more herbs for the year.

I am also gearing up for some new studio equipment... that I am anticipating getting this week...
and working on a new "line" of postcards for the Etsy shop.

I also packed up a large box full of about 100 guitar picks, 40 sets of envelopes, some handmade earrings and such... all as a donation to an "Earth Day Festival" up in Connecticut to help raise funds for a local "green" club at the Community College there. There focus is on organic produce and recycled goods... and it sounds wonderful. Plus, it emptied out some extra stock I had lying about in the studio... so it's all good.
Good comes in.... good goes out.

All my neighbors are coming out and enjoying the nice weather... kids playing basketball... dogs chasing balls... parents chatting... it's definitely looking like spring out there. Hope you are all doing well... and enjoying the nice weather... and tomorrow is St. Pats!
So.... have a green beer and know I am thinking fondly of you all...