Saturday, April 27, 2013

for the weekend

It's been a week.
And most of it I thoroughly enjoyed.

The good:
Weather... not too hot... and for the most part, sunny and clear.
I watched some great (older) episodes of CSI... snuggling on the couch with my dear Brina.
I planted the herb garden (all in pots this year)... and have a plan of attack... so to speak...
for the rest of the front and back yard.
I've listened to the bees... which have returned in a HUGE pack... and are busy slurping the pollen from my locust trees.
Have seen lots of quail... which are loving my back yard... and visit almost daily.
Got flowers (for my birthday) from my mom, brother and nephew... and a lovely bouquet from BAJ.
And also got a lovely sterling charm from BAJ... who knows I collect them.. .and love them.
I was also the featured artist in the current issue of AURA magazine... how cool!

The bad:
Allergies. Lupus. Headaches.
Nuf said.

The Ugly:
The son is having a hard time.
 I love him so... and wish him the best... but he is going through alot right now... 
and I worry for him. It's been tough.

And so. Another week goes by... full of good coffee... good music.. much love... 
and a few trials and tribulations. ... which is normal. We shall survive. 
We shall grow... and gain strength... and fortitude... and be blessed. 
Much love to you all. 
See you on Monday.

Plants/  Herbs planted this year:  Lettuce: multiple varieties, Chives, Rosemary, German Thyme, Sage, Basil- Boxwood and sweet leaf, Tooth Ache plant, Parsley - curly leaf and Italian, Marjoram, Wheat Grass  Oregano, Strawberries--- 2 big bins, Mint, Dill and Lemon Balm.
Plus we have Lavender, Hollyhocks, Morning glories, Sunflowers, Cosmos, Marigolds, Wisteria, red yucca, decorative grasses, geraniums, a pot o' mixed flowers...and roses coming up.