Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's definitely a time for new beginnings.

This week... I was finally able to purchase a new kiln. It is a Kingpin 88, stainless steel wonder.
One that is capable of firing all kinds of clay, fusing glass, baking enamel onto metal... the list goes on.
I first fell in love with PMC at a class I took at Rio Grande back in 2009. The class was taught by Yvonne Padilla... and it was awesome. Unfortunately, buying a kiln was out of my reach at the time... and I've been quietly squirreling away funds since then. I have used a hand-held torch to fire my PMC... but my torch also died quite awhile ago... and things just got put on the back burner so to speak.

But dreams can come true. Things can (eventually) fall into place.
Sometimes we just have to be patient... and wait for the right time.
My time is now.

And so I went to Rio Grande. I asked questions. I checked out kilns.
I came ... I saw... I (nervously) bought.
And when I came home... there was this lovely cocoon hanging from the tree that overhangs my driveway.
It was not there before... or I never noticed it before... but there it was.
New beginnings.