Monday, April 1, 2013


Monday's can be rough... But I'm here to help.
In celebration of my 15th year selling my handmade stuff... I am going to be featuring things I've seen on blogs, on the internet, in books
...wherever inspiration strikes! On making new items from old goods..hence, MondayUPs (upcycling)...

I love an occasional glass of wine.
(preferably white... reisling... or chardonnay)
And I seem to have accumulated a few corks around the house.

As I love to recycle whenever possible... 
I got to thinking about things I can do with recycled cork...

Of course, at the top of my list... is jewelry:

then I thought of household stuffs:

((planters, wreathes, baskets... 
votive holders, floor mats, lamps
.... cork boards, flooring, magnets))

and I thought about birdhouses:

and furniture!

... and then I thought about ART:

So ... next time you have a glass of vino... 
think about recycling the cork :)