Monday, April 29, 2013


Monday's can be rough... But I'm here to help.
In celebration of my 15th year selling my handmade stuff... I am going to be featuring things I've seen on blogs, on the internet, in books
...wherever inspiration strikes! On making new items from old goods..
hence, MondayUPs (upcycling)...


Monday's are (traditionally) laundry day here in the Russell household.
Which means.. .that is usually the day I strip the beds and wash all the quilts that have been used that week. 
Otherwise, I tend to do a load every day... or every other day... 
of clothing or towels or whatever. Anyway.

I was thinking about laundry.
And it got me thinking about my one niece.
Years and years ago (back in the 80's)... she had my sister saving dryer lint.
Now mind you... it was the 80's... think of pretty pastel dryer lint...

And yes, it was beautiful.
I can't recall if this was a school project or whatever... but my niece made paper.
So today... On my MondayUPs theme...
 I am featuring cool things you can do with dryer lint.


First... are the (sorta) more expected uses:
Making paper
Making fire starters
Putting out for the birds to use as nesting material
Making eco friendly pots for plants
using as filler for pillows and stuffies
and here are some more uses: here

Then.... I found fabric... clothing, and accessories: 

and then... ART!
Like sculptures, miniatures, eco friendly art for leaving in nature... and more...