Sunday, May 26, 2013

for the weekend

well.... the weekend is here... and it's a long one.
So... Happy Memorial Day... with heartfelt thanks to all the veterans...
 active duty, retired, and in times past.
Thank you.

I know summer isn't official until June... but we sure are knee deep in summer weather here. 
This whole week has seen temps in the 90s... and it's been rough for me.
I feel like I am in a survival-mode of sorts... doing the bare necessities to get by...
sleeping during the hottest times so that I can be productive during the hours when it's cooler.
Which makes for wonky hours... but hey. I am grateful that it cools off at night. 

And today... I was able to do some laundry... wash some dishes... and get groceries... so I can't complain.
In the southwest here... people have set up their swamp coolers and had them running ... but we have a family of mourning doves who have taken up residence in the box around our cooler... and we don't want to disturb them... at least not until the babies are more grown and able to fly.

In other news... I've been really happy with some of the things I have been listing in the Etsy shop.
And the daughter has been working on some fabulous art... and my dear BAJ has been working on some writing...
 a story he's been working on.... and I think it's wonderful.

And with the full moon... brings hope of things to come... 

(the photos for today's post are all ones I took last night/ early this am)