Monday, June 17, 2013

for the weekend

I am a little late writing this weekend post... but alot has been going on.
My dear BAJ discovered a couple days ago... that his job is being downsized ... and in 2 weeks he is moving to part time...
and a short time after that... he could potentially be out of work altogether.
And while we were shocked at the news... we weren't.
So many people across the nation are in this same predicament... or worse.
BUT... we are being as optimistic as possible.

That said... there are going to be lots of changes ahead.
First off... we must fix up the house and get it on the market to sell.
This week I hope to schedule to have painting done, carpeting installed, an electrician to check everything... a new garage door opener installed... lights fixed... the list goes on.
I have ALOT of yard work to do... not the least of which is (hopefully) selling off the majority of my herbs and plants and such...
and most all the pots, stands, tools, etc.
And ... I have been going thru the house and gathering additional things to sell... as we are anticipating that we will be moving into a much smaller apartment... somewhere... while we look for work.
We are also selling Jim's car.... as we certainly don't need 2 vehicles.

It's a strange thing... to be in our situation. We have never been able to save any money.  Instead... we chose to use that money to help others... to fund numerous trips back and forth to PA to visit/ help family... to help our kids and such (son's wedding/divorce/custody/lawyer/car/insurance, etc)... it's all been a wild ride.
And while we wouldn't probably change a thing... it does put us in a rather tight squeeze now.

And so. We are cutting things down to minimum ... forging ahead... and diving off into the wild unknown.

If you want to help (which would be awesome)... here are a couple links.
I would've had a yard sale or some such... but I completely suck at selling my own stuff... I just end up giving it away... which would be OK...' cept we could use the money :)

---my ad on Craigslist... HERE
---a new profile I put on FlickR. It shows photos of everything we are selling...
and if you click on the photos... it will give you additional info... and prices. HERE