Friday, June 28, 2013

friday finds

I read... alot.
I love the written word.

I have decided to feature some of the blogs I read on friday's... hence the title... Friday's Finds.
I have about 250 blogs currently on my reading list... and I'm going to be sharing those links over the course of this year... on Friday's.
(plus any more I come across).
If you have a blog.... or have a favorite blog that you want me to feature... just shoot me an email (


It's been a busy week.
One of the things I have yet to go through... is my sewing/ quilting/ needlework stuff.
I did go thru it a couple years ago... but with the impending move, 
I don't want to take any extras... as I am  not sure how much space we will eventually end up in.

With that in mind... I've been thinking alot about the fabric and such that I have...
(most of which was either my grandmother's, sister's... or stuff I picked up along the way).
In particular, I have saved 100% cottons, flannels, hemp and bamboo fabrics... and vintage.
I want to get back into quilting again... and love the more natural fabrics.

To that end... I've also been looking at some of the fabric themed, and fabric "friendly" blogs
on my reading list... and thought I would include some more here today :)

and this awesome site that features Japanese Textiles