Monday, June 17, 2013


Monday's can be rough... But I'm here to help.

In celebration of my 15th year selling my handmade stuff... 
I am going to be featuring things I've seen on blogs, on the internet, in books
...wherever inspiration strikes! On making new items from old goods..
hence, MondayUPs (upcycling)...


One of the things I've been meaning to make
is a Bug House.
And I am going to be working on it this week (hell or high water)... 
so that we can install it in the yard before we move.

I first came across the idea of a Bug House a couple years ago...
and I have seen lots of really cool ones; in magazines... and online.
The photo below... is a collage of Bug House designs that I have gathered in my files... 
and I hope they will serve to give you some inspiration to make your own.

The awesome part is... you can recycle all kinds of materials in the making...
dryer lint, hair, yarn, cardboard, sticks, shells, nuts, chunks of wood, 
feathers, raffia, dried coconut shells, orange peels...
straws, chopsticks, chicken wire... 
all sorts of things.

Here are some awesome links on making a Bug House:

HERE -- this is a video
here is one on placement of you house once it's done
and even more ideas on Pinterest