Monday, June 24, 2013


Monday's can be rough... But I'm here to help.

In celebration of my 15th year selling my handmade stuff... 
I am going to be featuring things I've seen on blogs, on the internet, in books
...wherever inspiration strikes! On making new items from old goods..
hence, MondayUPs (upcycling)...


Because we are in the middle of packing up stuff... 
I thought now would be a good time to write a more 
"generic" post on recycling/upcycling.

One of my goals for my Etsy shop (here)
is to have the majority of my items
to be from recycled/upcycled/repurposed elements. 
Granted... for some of my jewelry... It will not be possible because 
I also use new beads, gemstones and findings... as well as vintage and salvaged ones.
And for most all of my scarves at the moment... the yarn was bought new... and is not from recycled fiber... 
but in the future... :)

Which means currently...
3/4ths of my items have recycled, repurposed & re-used elements!
(about 300ish out of the 400ish listings).

I feel really good about that.

But I also want to stress... that for me at least...
this is a lifestyle.... NOT just a front for my store... 
or something I consider to be "trendy."
We hardly ever buy new (other than food and stuffs).
We recycle, close to 80% of what comes in this house.
We use quilts, garden, buy eco-friendly products, etc.

And this is not a post to "toot my horn"... but to show that it is possible! 
And cool, and rewarding... and awesome to embrace doing what you can for ole' Mother Earth.

So do what you can... and wade on in... the water's fine :)

Here are some photos for inspiration! that I got off of Google...