Saturday, July 27, 2013

for the weekend

Well... the house is officially listed for sale... as of Friday am (and there is even a big metal sign, and a plethora of flyers out front). And as of today (Saturday afternoon)... we've had our first people to come and check it out. Things are progressing.

We still have a (relatively) short list of things to do around the house... and hope to get them all done over the course of the coming week.

And it rained. Not just a "rainy day" kind of rain... but the OMG... maybe we need to go find a bomb shelter!... kind of storm. Winds up to 80mph... some major flash flooding... sleet, hail... whoa. This am, there were downed trees all over... and the damage was quite evident in spots all around the city. We actually happened to be running errands when the brunt of the storm hit... and when we saw the (really deep) flash flooding that was occurring... we ducked into Barnes & Noble and waited it out. After all... if you're gonna be stuck in a storm... why not do it with fresh cappuccino and some books :)    --There's probably a neat short story in there somewhere.

Anyway. Tonight I was wading thru some of my (rather extensive) list of cool internet sites in my bookmarks bar... and thought I would share some of them for you to look at over the weekend:

-here is a link to MSN where they have slideshows that show some of the MUST SEE photos for each month. Pretty darn cool.

-here is a link to a list of cool art documentary movies that you can watch on Netflix via their instant download feature. Sweet.

-here are a couple thought provoking articles on the NYTimes website --- here and here

-here is a link to my most recent art crush! ... I think this is absolutely stunning stuff.

-here is a (sorta local) place I would like to see before we move: here

-here is a link to our house for sale!

-here is a link to some awesome campers... makes you want to hit the road, huh :)

-here is an article detailing some awesome words in our vocabulary that should be "brought back"...

-and here is a link to some diagrams that help you with everyday life (and are pretty cool too)

-and (not the least... but the last for this post anyway)... a link to photographs of the notebooks of famous authors/artists/visionaries...

... so ... the first couple of photos on this blog post... are ones I took from the Jeep; of the storm this weekend. The last shot... is of rain coming off my front porch roof. I took a bunch of photos in rapid succession... not really seeing the details. But when I went to look at the proofs... this one SCREAMED at me... I think it looks like a woman dancing in the raindrops...