Friday, July 26, 2013

friday finds

I read... alot.
I love the written word.

I have decided to feature some of the blogs I read on friday's... hence the title... Friday's Finds.
I have about 250 blogs currently on my reading list... and I'm going to be sharing those links over the course of this year... on Friday's.
(plus any more I come across).
If you have a blog.... or have a favorite blog that you want me to feature...
just shoot me an email (


Today I am featuring bead and jewelry related blogs.
I love making jewelry... and even with the house being listed...
the studio space will be the last to be packed up.
I just feel better if I am able to go out and try to make something...

and so...
here is a little inspiration for all you creatives:

Barbara S Fernald
Sweet Bead Studio
Art Bead Scene
Good Quill Hunting
Happy Mango Beads
Art Jewelry Elements
Etsy Metal
Designs by LadyE
A Bead a Day
Beading Daily

(the photo is of my studio table... and one of my fav talisman necklaces)