Thursday, July 18, 2013

so far

so I was going to write posts for the weekend... for Monday... for Tuesday... and for today... but then I thought... I'm already behind... I just need to catch up. And so... one BIG post it is.

It's been crazy busy.
I don't think... in all the years since posting on this blog *since Dec 2008* that I have missed posting like this ... other than when I've gone on a trip or something... and posted I was taking a few days off. I am sorry.
(the photo below shows our garage... which was packing and storing central)

Over the weekend... we were all working on the house. Packing up stuff... cleaning up stuff.
Working in the front yard.... which has had quite a transformation :)
And the painting people were here... finishing up what turned out to be a HUGE job... and it looks fabulous.
(photos below show the painting process... and the new paint in the dining area)

On Monday, it was crazy busy as we were moving what we had completely out of the bedrooms, in preparation for the carpet people who came (very) early on Tuesday am.

And now the carpet is all in.... and it is perfect.
(photos below show the old carpet... and the REALLY old carpet that was under a bookcase... and the new carpet)

Then today... I ran a bunch of errands... including (yet another) trip to Home Depot to get a few things... and now... the front yard is ALMOST done :) -- which is awesome.

Add to that... recovering from a nasty ant bite that made my foot swell and bruise and turn all yuck... and my usual lack of sleeping schedule... and you can understand some of the chaos.
Now. That said... . I do believe it is all winding down... and except for a ton of work in the back yard..... and a few misc chores... some touch up of the paint... some cutting of some new baseboard... and lots of cleaning... I think we are definitely winding down. Barring anything unforeseen... we should be officially listing the house for sale on Monday... or soon thereafter.

Jim is still looking for a full-time position... but I am thinking this may be a grand opportunity to do something completely different. He has always wanted to write... and this may be the chance for him to do that. At any rate... we are leaving doors/ windows/ minds... wide open. And I believe that good things will come to pass.

So. I will attempt to return everything here on this blog "back to your regular broadcasting"...
~see you all tomorrow ~

(rain coming off our roof)

**if you click on the photos of the house in progress... you can see them bigger in a new window**