Thursday, August 15, 2013


even the trees
know when to leaf (leave--- pun not intended)

to start from mere shoots
a spark of life from the orchards
the fruitful fields of life

to grow, to thrive
to reach up to the sun
gather in the warmth
spread their seed
nurture their young

to bend in the wind
and grow thicker bark
to shield oneself from adversity
to thin out
store up water in the dry times

and, ultimately...
to wither.
to tuck oneself in
to store life deep within
to return to the earth
...from whence it came

((so there is this tree at the end of my neighborhood. The house has gone through a HUGE series of tenants... especially these last few years... with the last ones leaving mysteriously and the house going into foreclosure... and the tree... well... the tree is literally uprooting itself and looks like it's trying to leave the yard. It's truly amazing... and sad... and tragic... and ...whoa))