Sunday, August 4, 2013

for the weekend

As of today... the house has been listed for sale... for exactly one week.
And the response has been awesome.
We've had several people come out... even one couple who came twice!
and tomorrow is an Open House.

We have most all the work done that we set out to do.
Hard to believe when we started this massive overhaul/ remodel a couple years ago... that we would end up re-doing most everything... replacing all the appliances... remodeling the bathrooms and the kitchen... even putting in extensions on the patio... landscaping... and more.
And now we are down to just a few things left to do.
It's been a wild ride.

And it also been enlightening.
It has also forced me to (finally) organize all my studio stuff... and to go thru things I really wasn't looking forward to. For instance, today I finally went thru a BIG lot of wood. Sticks I had gathered back in PA to make carved walking sticks out of... most of which were gathered and collected with my sister before she passed. Some of it had rotted... other accidentally broken... and such is life. But most of it was salvaged and trimmed, and gathered together and safely bound and placed in storage. I just couldn't bring myself to go thru it before now.

Finishing up "loose ends"... seems to be the theme these past couple of weeks... and it's been good.

In light of all that's been going on here; I thought I would include some more RANDOM links
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... and finally... here is a link to the BEST ukulele player ever --> HERE.