Sunday, August 11, 2013

for the weekend's been so busy around here... which is not necessarily a bad thing...

That said... we really needed to just "take a time out" --- so to speak... so we drove downtown.
We had lunch with a friend (at the ever-fabulous Flying Star Cafe), and then wandered around Nob Hill a bit...looking in the windows of some great shops... like HeyJhonny!... and then stopping at our fav comic book store (AstroZombies!). We then walked down to one of my fav galleries here MARIPOSA. We had a wonderful chat with the owner Liz Deneen (she also has a Fashion Blog: here) and saw some amazing works of art... and even had a brush with stardom when we met this guy! ... ( Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad) and his daughter.
How cool is that?!

We then stopped for coffee and a scrumptious mid-day dessert (ah... going back to my whenIlivedInGermanyTraditions...yum)
-- before heading back home.

All in all... a truly wonderful day.
I even treated myself to a little prezzie...

This is my prezzie: an art jewelry piece by artist Wanda Lobito.
It is a pendant; that also has a pin back so you can wear it as a brooch.
I love it.