Friday, August 16, 2013

friday finds

I read... alot.
I love the written word.

I have decided to feature some of the blogs I read on friday's... hence the title... Friday's Finds.
I have about 250 blogs currently on my reading list... and I'm going to be sharing those links over the course of this year... on Friday's.
(plus any more I come across).
If you have a blog.... or have a favorite blog that you want me to feature...
just shoot me an email (


Lately, it seems I've been noticing all things french.
Perhaps it is because a Facebook friend of mine was recently traveling there...
(see her blog: HERE)

or perhaps it is because one of my dearest friends is a huge francophile...
or perhaps because I unearthed a french language book while packing ...

...who knows.
But today's blog links all have a decidedly French flare.
Some are all about fashion.... some food.... all french... Oui!

Fleaing France 
La Casa a Pois
Eleonore Bridge
Miss Pandora
Punky B.
Chocolate and Zucchini
Clea Cuisine
My Melange
Chez LouLou
Tongue in Cheek

and then here's a couple general sites:

The Paris Blog
BonJour Paris
Americans in France