Monday, August 5, 2013


Monday's can be rough... But I'm here to help.

In celebration of my 15th year selling my handmade stuff... 
I am going to be featuring things I've seen on blogs, on the internet, in books
...wherever inspiration strikes! On making new items from old goods..
hence, MondayUPs (upcycling)...


I love taking pictures.
I've been taking photos since I was probably 6yrs old.

I also love to recycle, reuse and repurpose...
Which brought me to the idea of what to do with old cameras.
Now, personally; I have about 5 old cameras that I use as decor.
They are functional though... and if I come across film in the right size; 
I gladly try them out.
But there are other things to do with old cameras;
 if you are not inclined to take photos with them.
Here are some ideas:

docks for electronics


 lamps/ lights


sculptures and mixed media art

(the photo at the top of today's post... is one I took yesterday on the way home from Santa Fe. 
I had my little pocket camera with me in the jeep; and was rekindling my love of B&W photography)