Friday, January 10, 2014


It's Friday! And that alone is worthy of a post on gratefulness... but still... here's more:

Things I am grateful for today:

-museums. Online or in-person... they are awesome.
-libraries. Another wonderful resource for all kinds of goodness. I look things up every single day here.
-Wikipedia. Another site that is my "go-to" for information. Living here in "the sticks"... it's a great place to get books from.... and other stuff too!
-Online learning sites like: MIT, Academic Earth, Carnegie Mellon, Open Culture, and Project Gutenberg
-blogging sites. Last year I shared links to over 250 different blogging sites.
-books. I know. I have "too many"... but I always find room for more.
-tv. I know alot of people who think there is "nothing good on"... but there are several shows that are very much worth watching. Personally, I still love Antique Roadshow, CSI, American Pickers... and more.
-movies. This weekend... the local theatre is showing Hobbit 2!