Thursday, January 23, 2014


I am feeling out of sorts today. Off.
Nothing specifically wrong... just not right.
And like the photo above... sometimes you just don't know where to turn... what exit to take.... where to go... or even what the problem is...

But tonight I hope to do a few things around the house, perhaps work on a piece of jewelry or some other art project
... and kick back and watch Tim Gunn on tv.

Things I am grateful for today:

-wine and cookies
-opportunities--- you never know when they will come knocking.
-online schooling and classes. How wonderful that you can actually take classes from the middle of nowhere... simply by turning on your computer.
-a well insulated house (it's cold)
-my Jeep. I am grateful every day for our jeep. It is rugged... and reliable... and perfect. Even though it's 8yrs old... you'd never know it.
-burn barrels. How handy! In New Mexico, they didn't have these available anywhere... so we used our fire-pit to burn papers and such. But barrels are really handy.
-spring water. I really missed be able to get fresh spring water before moving back to PA.
-thrift shops. I've always been a big fan of buying "previously owned" stuff... and today I found some cookie tins at our local shop; including a gorgeous old tin that my daughter can use for small sewing projects.
-songbirds. I didn't have any birdseed for a couple weeks... and was afraid all the little birds wouldn't return... but I got some more seed yesterday, and was pleased to see that they had returned to our yard today.
-blue skies... and so... I keep (trying to remember) to look up.