Monday, January 27, 2014


And it's cold. Bitter cold.
 I think I got a mild case of frostbite on my thumb today... only annoying, as here it is 12hrs later... and it's still numb. I do love winter though. I love the change of the seasons... and it's much more pronounced here than in alot of places. I love the miracle of it all...

Things I am grateful for today:
-frostbite. Yah I know. A silly thing to be grateful for... but it really makes me more aware of the season... of protecting oneself from the elements... of enjoying the snow... but with safety in mind.
-snowy creeks at the edge of the woods. How gorgeous. I took the photos (above) on my morning walk.
-warm blankets
-coffee mugs
-bagels and cream cheese. They are just a perfect combination.
-snow blowers. Today I cleared out my mother's (big/long) driveway.... and I was blessed to be able to use a powered snow-blower for the job.
-gauze wrap. Brina opened up her surgical wound and took out all her external stitches. Thank God for whomever invented gauze wrap. What a blessing!
-Pepperidge Farm cookies. THESE are my current favorite.
-the birds who have found my feeders
-commercials. I know. Another odd thing to be grateful for... but there are a couple cute ones out there right now. Like this one: HERE.
(And my daughter says... "I feel bad for the bear.")
...And I LOVE this one... HERE