Thursday, January 30, 2014


Today was rough.. .emotional meltdowns all around... and I feel not fit for human consumption.
That said...

Things I am Grateful for today:

-music (right now I am listening to this)
-art. Without it; I would be nothing.
-friends... and friends who do art!
-fudge. Today I was gifted a huge slab of the most delicious chocolate fudge with walnuts in it. YUM.
-scenery like in my photo above. I took this shot down the "Ice Mine Road" just outside of town. There is an ice mine there... that was open for a long time... then closed for a long time... and now has been purchased and is being renovated with the hopes of opening again in the spring. I remember going there as a kid.. and look forward to going again. You can read about it here as well.
-my studio space. It's not much right now. In fact, it's sort of a mess. But it's mine... and I am very grateful.
-trash papers. Like the Enquirer, etc. I know.  Not exactly "highly educational"... but sometimes... it is just perfect to read the frivolity and enjoy a cuppa tea. Besides.. they are awesome for collage :)
-which brings me to collage. I love collage. I used to do alot of collage art... way back before I was married... and I am thinking strongly of getting back into it. Here are a few links: HERE, HERE and HERE.
-and the fact that there is 1/3 of a bottle of wine in my fridge. Yah.