Friday, January 31, 2014


January has come to a close... and the Chinese New Year has begun... (look here too)

I took these photos today as I was walking with the dog... and the sky was SO very blue... the air was incredibly crisp... and the birds were singing.... all things I am grateful for as this month comes winding down.

Things I am grateful for (additionally) today:

-warm boots
-clear blue skies
-new years... and new possibilities
-a wonderful fire in the fireplace tonight... and loving how the wood is popping and crackling
-my stove. It broke/ shattered tonight when I was cooking.... but I am very grateful it lasted as long as it did. When we first moved in to the house in November, is was cracked and threatening to shatter... but has held off until now. It is an electric stove with a glass cook-top.
-paychecks! So many people don't have steady work right now... and I am very grateful for my (temporary- but awesome!) job.
-thrift shops. Today I was able to get 5 new jackets, a gorgeous skirt... and a top I am totally in love with.
-yarn. I've been working on some handmade scarves these past few nights... and I love that I am able to use some yarn that I've had stashed away for awhile... mostly wool and hand-dyed beauties :)   A few have already been listed in the shop... like this one... and this one... and this one...
-chicken piccata. Tonight's dinner. YUM.
-health. I've lost somewhere between 10-15 pounds since moving into our new house. (It depends on the scale I am using). I think it has alot to do with living on a (very) steep hill. I still have a long way to go... but I am getting there.