Monday, January 6, 2014


It's freakishly cold out... and I'm told... will only be colder tomorrow.
However, there is no sense worrying about it.... or fixating on it...
Instead... I may take this wonderful opportunity to stay in and read... do some work online... have a fire in the fireplace....and drink lots of tea.

Things I am grateful for today:

-my rice cooker. Most every day, we cook a big batch of basmati rice.... and it's so good.
-wine. Tonight I am finishing the last of a great bottle of chardonnay.
-wood fires in the fireplace
-good friends who put up with me-- even though I am having an "off" day. Who make me sandwiches and give me a good "pep talk"... you know who you are.
-Etsy. There are so many creatives out there making exciting stuff.... and Etsy has alot of it.
-flannel pj bottoms
-lady bugs (right now we have a jar full of ladybugs. They were hibernating in a friends house, and I thought they were dead... so I brought them home in a bag to keep in my cabinet of curiosities... but then they came around... and well... now we have a jar of ladybugs that we are feeding apple bits to).